The branch of medicine that deals with the conditions and diseases of the skin, nail, hair etc is known as dermatology. The solutions provided by the doctors can be medical as well as surgical. There is need of consulting a dermatologist when we are not satisfied by the aforementioned body parts. It can be due to some condition which affects us or it can be due to the aesthetic appearance which is not to our liking. This may be embarrassing to us as we are very much worried about how others will perceive us. If you think that the body parts are not up to the mark, then consult the best dermatologist in Delhi.Visit dermatologist des moines for more details.

Some of the common conditions treated by best skin doctors in Delhi are as follows –

• Rosacea Treatment
This condition affects our skin. It causes redness and small red bumps on the face. These bumps may have pus filled inside them. It is common for Rosacea to be confused with acne. Blood vessels on the nose and cheeks become red. There may be additional eye problems in this condition including irritation and dryness of the eye. No known or specific cause is known but can be due to hereditary and environmental factors. Trigger factors include spicy food, hot drinks, cosmetics, sunlight etc. Treatment depends on the symptoms shown by you. Redness is reduced by applying Mirvaso on the skin. If the medication is not working, then laser therapies are used to reduce the redness of the blood vessels.

• Pigmentation
It is another skin condition which does not let us feel comfortable in our skin. There is formation of dark patches. In other words, it is known as coloring of the skin. Some areas of the skin appear to be darker as compared to other parts. We get our color from melanocytes. When they become damaged or unhealthy, excess of melanin is created which causes the area to darken. Some of the factors leading to this condition are exposure to sun, skin damage from injury, allergic reactions etc. Problem occurs when these pigments become highly noticeable. There are various different procedures to get rid of pigmentation. Products such as retinoids, kojic acid etc are given. Procedures such as chemical peel and laser peel are also used.

Ingrown nails
Ingrown toenail is a condition which is solved by cosmetic surgeon in Delhi. It occurs when side of the toenails grown into the flesh of the skin. This in turn causes swelling and redness leading to pain and tenderness on one or both sides of the nail. There may be infection of the tissue which is caused in the toenail. A specialist may be seen if you experience severe discomfort in the toe or swelling that is spreading to other parts. This problem is solved with the help of surgery. Best cosmetic surgery clinic in Delhi give anesthesia on the base of the toe. The ingrown nail is then removed. To prevent the blood loss, a tight band is applied.