The Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago comprised of ten islands off the Northwestern coast of Africa. The landscape varies with the islands ranging from clear, warm tropical waters along sandy beaches to rainforests and mountaintops. The six main islands hold many attractions besides the tropical climate and sandy seashores.

The Islands are a favourite location for snorkelling, scuba diving and underwater photography, as a rainbow of colours decorate the aquatic world that attracts many who travel great distances to experience. This popular water sport is available to all, whether novice or experienced, as local instructors provide the necessary training. Guests come face to face with living coral reefs, sponges and jellyfish in addition to a wide variety of native tropical fish and underwater structures. Boating excursions, fishing, sailing and wind surfing are a few of the other popular water activities.

The Cactus Garden, on Lanzarote, is an oasis for plant enthusiasts as it contains over 1000 species of cacti. The park was established in 1973 and natives initially used the plant to attract a particular type of beetle that was used in the process of dyeing textiles and cosmetics. The location also contains a restaurant and a gift shop.

The islands contain many unique and natural features for visitors to discover and explore while enjoying Canary Islands holidays. On the island of Lanzarote, ancient volcanic flows intersected with ocean waters to form numerous lava tube formations including the Cueva de los Verdes. The cave system, which is 6km long, appears to be rocklike, but is comprised entirely of hardened lava. Ancient peoples used the caverns as refuge when pirates or slave traders approached island shores. Jameos del Agua is another unique volcanic cave that contains lake lagoons and a natural auditorium large enough to hold 600 people. Ingenious locals have incorporated a bar/restaurant, tropical gardens and a swimming pool into the location.Click over here now:RYA Sailing School

On the island of Tenerife, visitors explore the Aquila Jungle Park, which consists of over 70,000 m2 of tropical rainforest with trails that lead to caves, bridges, lagoons, tunnels and waterfalls. The park hosts exotic and predatory bird demonstrations daily and contains hundreds of species of wildlife. There is also a Jungle Raid featuring 300 meters of suspension bridges, paths and tunnels to bring out the hidden Indiana Jones adventurer in everyone. The Loro Parque is another unique attraction guests visit on Tenerife. The location houses over 300 species of exotic parrots and contains dolphin, orca, penguin and sea lion exhibits, in addition to hundreds of orchid varieties.