Whenever one undertakes the task of painting a room, generally two main painting house costs are considered, which are the cost of the paint and the cost of labor. But, besides these two main costs, which no doubts are the biggest costs involved in the painting of a house, there are a few other supplies and costs which are also required for the painting of a house. It is important that when working out the total cost of painting a house, these smaller, yet essential costs are also taken into consideration. These miscellaneous costs involved in painting of a house or room include the following:Click to find out more about house painting dublin website

Masking Tape And Paper
When a room is to be painted, there are many spaces on the walls and the ceilings, which are not be to be painted like the switchboards, curtain rods, etc., yet these things cannot be removed from the wall for painting purposes. Therefore, it becomes important that some protection is placed on these spaces in order to avoid the paint from getting spilled all over them and spoiling their look. Masking tapes and papers are meant to serve this purpose only. These masking tapes are sticky tapes with low adhesive made from easy to tear paper. They can be easily torn off from any surface by applying a little pressure and hence they are also called as pressure-sensitive tapes.

Surface Repair
There are walls which have cracks or holes present on them. These cracks and holes cannot be filled with paint and if left as it is, they look ugly and diminish the look of the entire painting of the wall. Therefore, it becomes necessary that these cracks and holes are repaired and filled so that they do not spoil the look of the wall. The cost of this surface repairing will depend on the type of repairing that you choose and also on the type of damage that is to be repaired. If the damage is quite big, then this cost can prove to be a major cost in the total house painting cost.

Clean-Up Supplies
Once the entire painting has been completed, the house will not start looking pretty immediately. During the process of painting a lot of paint must have spilled over to the floor, making the house look dirty. It is the job of the painters to clean this mess and the cost of the labor required for the same is generally included in the total package taken when hiring the labor for the painting job. However, the cost of the cleaning supplies, which will be required in the process have to be provided by the owners of the house only, just like they have to separately pay for the paint material. Therefore, when calculating the total cost of painting a house, the cost of these cleaning supplies also needs to be included in the same.

Besides the above three costs, there are certain other costs as well, like preparation material, primers, etc., which should be taken into consideration before allocating a budget for the painting of a house, or for that matter, one room in the house.