Many people speak about Light energy that illuminates the world enriching lives and bringing good feelings to all. Some people talk about dark energies that bring evil to the world.

I have personal reasons for believing in both Light and Dark energies. However, when you stop and think you will come to the conclusion that All-Is-One. Look across all religions, philosophies and science and you will find an agreement that everything is energy-never was created and can never be destroyed. You can call that energy God, Source, Universe, etc. All those names refer to a single Life Force as the cause of everything that exists.

If everything and everyone is part of that single energy source, then both Light and Dark energy must be part of that single energy source. We know about the Universal Law of Polarity. You cannot have one state without the opposite state simultaneously existing-up and down, top and bottom, in and out, etc. Opposite states are actually the outside extremes on the spectrum of each characteristic.Visit here: happy light

Another way to look at Light and Dark as extremes of one energy is to think about daylight and nighttime. There is no sudden nighttime or sudden daylight (except during an eclipse). The degree of light we see changes gradually between the two extreme situations of full light and no light.

What if light and dark do not exist outside of us at all? What if there are no dark forces impacting our world-only people living more in their dark side of that spectrum than in the light side? What if those people woke up to how they were living more in the darkness than in the light and moved themselves up along the spectrum toward more light?

I believe the world would look quite different. People would feel differently and act differently. Fewer bad feelings would lead to more good feelings. Okay. So how do you get people to move along the degrees of light into the Light? You cannot go up to someone who seems to live in more dark energy and tell them to change. Instead bring your Light into their world. You be the brightest light you can be. Consider that even in the darkest room, the tiny light of a match flame brightens the room. It does not take but a touch of Light to bring people out of the darkness.