There is a lot of differences between living in the East and West. Numerous issues have to be considered, like cost of living, weather, people, culture, and so on. Big distinction in either side makes alterations in people’s “lifestyle”. It is widely accepted that most foreigners visiting Thailand choose Thai way of living.Get the facts at website

Every year, there are a huge number of foreigners traveling to Thailand but in the end they decide to settle down here. Thailand has an enormous impact on the big crowd. Anyone visiting Thailand will be left amazed by the diversities they witness in food, shopping and sceneries.

But most of the travelers are attracted towards Phuket than Bangkok. For people who love to lead a simple life there may not be too many better choices than this island in South East Asia. It boasts lush, tropical environment, azure clear water and attractive scenic ocean and beaches. There are recreation options galore in Phuket like sailing, boating, diving, fishing, windsurfing, biking, swimming, diving, golfing and many more.

Life in Phuket has been easy and peaceful. Although it is a small island unlike Bangkok, the people living here take things easy and enjoy life here. There are no pains like traffic jam and large crowds and you can soak up in fresh air. Locals are friendly and sincere, and their lifestyle suits you when most make their lives on a small industry around the ocean like fishing.

Now, the city provides you the most modern facilities including excellent roads, modern hospitals, superb marinas and first grade international schools. Its international airport can be accessed from over a dozen international locations as well as most domestic locations. With a short journey of less than one and a half hours, visitors can connect through Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok to the rest of the world. Some airlines have scheduled international flights that arrive here directly without touching Singapore, Malaysia and Bangkok.