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Bhutan is famous for its ecology-friendly tourism advocacy. The government and the locals give high value to their environment and resources that’s why they boast of impressive natural wonders. A breath of fresh air in Bhutan is one of the cheap wonders that tourists can enjoy, as well as the thriving selection of the country’s wildlife and flora. Another activity that tourists can enjoy is Bhutan trekking since the country’s mountains offer a beautiful view of the city. Trekking can be a tiring activity but it will all be worth all the effort once tourists reach the top and marvel at the spectacular views. This is an alternative way for visitors to discover Bhutan aside from the cultural and ecological tours also available for tourists.Visit Bhutan Trekking for more details.

Bhutan trekking offers a distinct view of paradise for those who are willing to sacrifice a few climbs to the top of the mountains. The trek to the top is combined with camping for the tourists to have a good experience with the mountains. Climbers can discover the hidden gems of nature, like exquisite plants and flowers that are not normally encountered in natural landscapes. Trekking will also give travelers a great way to connect and be in tune with nature, free from the stress and hustle of the outside world. The wilderness of Bhutan’s mountains always offers a treat, like seeing the raw nature of a country blessed with serene beauty. Travelers are recommended to try trekking at least once during their stay in Bhutan to better appreciate the environment.

There are many available options for tourists who want to try Bhutan trekking during their visit. According to their capabilities and strengths in climbing mountains, tourists can choose from easy to challenging trails. Some tips to keep in mind include bringing only of essentials, tents for accommodations, and a camera to document the whole experience. Trekking guides will serve climbers hot and filling food inside a dining tent so travelers can experience nature without compromising comfort. The average time of ascent and descent to and from the mountain can last for eight to nine hours depending on the pace. The best part of the tour is that the guides will make the arrangements for tents and food while trekking; tourists just need to bring their own mats and other essentials.

Sometimes, the road less traveled offers the best views and experience. In this case, traveling to Bhutan through trekking the mountains offer tourists a better view of the beauty of the country. Trekking during March to May and September to October are known to be the best times of the year to experience this activity. Once at the top, all the hard work and climbs are forgotten since tourists will be faced with a beautiful landscape and view. Traveling to Bhutan is a sight of its own; the people, culture, and environment make the visit worth remembering. But trying to discover the country in an alternate form is an exhilarating adventure since the views from the top are irreplaceable and breath-taking.